Looking for a new way to carry your furry friend around?

Check out our list of the best dog carriers on the market! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most comfortable and durable dog carriers out there, so you can be sure that your pet is safe and sound.

With one of these carriers, you’ll never have to worry about carrying your pet’s gear again. They are perfect for walks, hikes, and even trips to the vet. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find the perfect one for you and your pet.

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How We Choose The Best Dog Carrier

It can be hard to find the perfect dog carrier, especially if you're looking for something specific like a sling or backpack style.

Not only is it hard to find the perfect carrier, but it's also tough to figure out which one is best for your pet and your needs.

After reading hundreds of Amazon reviews, we've compiled a list of the best carriers based on type and extra features. Whether you're looking for a small pet carrier or one with lots of extra bells and whistles, we've got you covered.

We hope you find your next dog bag carrier from the list below! Each product was independently selected by our editors, and all opinions in this article are our own. Oh, and FYI — We may collect a share of sales from the links on this page if you decide to buy something (that's how we stay in business). Reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Enjoy finding your next dog carrier!

TOMKAS Dog Carrier Sling

Best Carrier As A Sling

TOMKAS Dog Carrier Sling

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Why Fido Loves It

Looking for a comfortable, padded carrier for your pet? Check out the TOMKAS Dog Carrier Sling! This dog carrier is made with both you and your pet in mind, with comfortable padding and straps that distribute weight evenly. It's also one of the highest rated pet carriers on the market, so you can be sure you're getting a quality product. Plus, your pet will love being able to see everything going on around them while being snuggled close to you. Whether you're going on a hike or running errands around town, the TOMKAS Dog Carrier Sling is the perfect way to keep your furry friend close by.

Adjustment Buckle; Zipper Pocket; Collar Buckle; Snap Buttons

What Fido Thinks You Should Know

This pet sling is a great way to carry your pet while keeping your hands available. It is made from a soft sided, breathable fabric that is comfortable for both you and your pet. The wide adjustable shoulder strap ensures a secure fit, and the security lock helps to keep your pet safe while in the sling. The best part is that this sling is reversible, so you can choose between two different color options. It also has a weight capacity of up to 10 pounds, making it perfect for small pets.

Henkelion Pet Travel Carrier

Best Carrier As A Carry Bag

Henkelion Pet Travel Carrier

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Why Fido Loves It

Looking for reliable and stylish travel carriers? Look no further than the Henkelion Pet Travel Carrier! This carrier is available in 2 sizes and multiple color options, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup.

It's also made from durable materials that will stand up to wear and tear, making it ideal for travel. So whether you're taking a trip (airline approved!) or just heading to the vet, the Henkelion Pet Travel Carrier is a great option for transporting your furry friend.

Comfortable Mat & 3 Side Plus Top Openings

What Fido Thinks You Should Know

Travelling with a pet can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. With the right preparation, you can make sure that your furry friend has a comfortable journey. This bag is airline approved, so you can rest assured that your pet will be safe and secure. The handles work as a dual seat belt, and the luggage strap provides an extra level of security.

The shoulder strap allows for hands-free transport, and the three-layer mat provides added comfort. The bag is made of anti-scratch mesh and has an internal safety leash. It also has side, end, and top openings for easy access.

Other features include deluxe zippers, sturdy hooks, and a side pocket to store extras. With a 15lb weight limit, this bag is perfect for small to medium-sized pets.

Texsens Traveler Backpack Pet Carrier

Best Carrier As A Backpack

Texsens Traveler Backpack Pet Carrier

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Why Fido Loves It

Looking for a backpack that will make travel a breeze? Look no further than the Texsens Traveler Backpack Pet Carrier! This lightweight and durable backpack is perfect for carrying all of your essentials, and its ventilated design ensures that you'll stay cool and comfortable even in hot weather.

Plus, its sleek design means it will look great no matter where your wanderlust takes you. So why wait? Pack your bags and hit the road with the Texsens Traveler Backpack Pet Carrier!

Front, Back, Side, & Folded

What Fido Thinks You Should Know

Spare your hands and keep your furry friend close with the Pet Carrier Backpack. This backpack is made of durable, scratch-free PVB mesh and has a firm, comfortable pad. There's an internal safety leash and 180 degrees viewing area for your pet.

The bag has a sponge back and an adjustable strap. It can hold up to 18 lbs. Your pet will stay cool and comfortable while you're on the move. And you'll appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having your pet close by. Pick up your Pet Carrier Backpack today and take your pet anywhere you go!

Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier

Best Features For A Carrier

Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier

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Why Fido Loves It

Looking for a pet carrier that's both comfortable for your furry friend and easy to carry around? Look no further than the Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier! This carrier is made with high-quality materials and features a unique expandable design that gives your pet plenty of space to move around.

Whether you're taking your pet on a long road trip or just running errands around town, the Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier is the perfect choice for you!

Foldable For Easy Storage & Other Great Features

What Fido Thinks You Should Know

Traveling with a pet can be a challenge, but this carry travel bag makes it easy. The bag has options for small and large capacity, allowing for pets up to 20 pounds, and it meets all airline standards.

In addition, the bag features a strap that attaches to a luggage handle, as well as a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying. The bag is made of durable yet washable suede and polyester, and it includes a soft fur cushion for your pet's comfort.

Plus, it features high-quality zippers, metal hooks, a side pocket, and an internal security clip to keep your pet safe and secure.

YUDODO Pet Sling Carrier

Best Carrier For A Small Pet

Yudodo Pet Sling Carrier

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Why Fido Loves It

Looking for a stylish and convenient way to carry your pet around? Look no further than the YUDODO Pet Sling Carrier!

This bag is perfect for small pets, and comes in a variety of eye-catching colors. The small opening allows you to carry your pet close to your body, ensuring they feel safe and secure.

Whether you're running errands or taking a stroll through the park, the YUDODO Pet Sling Carrier makes it easy to bring your furry friend along for the ride!

Many Features On This Great Dog Sling Carrier

What Fido Thinks You Should Know

This pet sling is made of soft sided, breathable, durable leather and mesh. It has a wide adjustable strap for carrying comfort. The strap is also equipped with a safety hook, reinforced buckle, quality zipper, and a side pocket. The sling can comfortably carry pets smaller than 5 lbs.

This makes it an ideal choice for small dogs or puppies that need to be carried around without being put in a carrier bag. The breathable mesh panel keeps your pet cool and comfortable, while the durable leather bottom provides support and stability. The side pocket is convenient for carrying essentials like treats or a water bottle. The safety hook helps to keep your pet secure, and the quality zipper ensures that the sling won’t come undone unexpectedly.

Best Dog Carrier FAQs

Bringing your pet with you on errands can be a hassle, especially if you don't have a way to carry them.

Not being able to bring your furry friend along can be really frustrating, and it's hard to know what to do when you're out and about.

A dog carrier is the perfect solution for this problem. This should be lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for taking your pet with you wherever you go. Read on to see what other pet owners have inquired about while looking for the best pet transportation.

Can I carry my pet in a tote bag?

Yes! You can carry your pet in a tote bag, but please take into consideration the size of the bag and the weight of your pet.

Make sure that the tote bag is big enough for your pet to move around comfortably and that there is plenty of ventilation so your pet can stay cool. Additionally, be sure to choose a sturdy tote bag that can handle the weight of your pet without breaking or tearing.

Are dog carrying backpacks safe?

Dog carrying backpacks are safe as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. First, make sure the backpack is the right size for your dog. It should be snug but not too tight, and shouldn't impede your dog's movement or breathing.

Second, choose a backpack with comfortable straps that won't rub or chafe your dog's skin.

Finally, take care to evenly distribute the weight of the backpack so that your dog isn't carrying more weight on one side than the other. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your dog enjoys a safe and comfortable experience when carrying a backpack.

Are dog slings a good idea?

Dog slings are a great idea! They keep your pup close to you while you're on the go, and they're super easy to use. You can find them at most pet stores, or online. If you have an energetic or curious pup, a dog sling is a great way to keep them safe and close by.

And, if you have an older dog who can't walk as far, a sling can help them stay comfortable while still getting some exercise. No matter what your reason for using one, a dog sling is a great solution for keeping your hands available and your furry friend close by.

What makes the best dog carrier?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a dog carrier. The most important is size. The carrier should be large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around in comfortably, but not so large that it becomes difficult to carry.

Other factors to consider include the type of material the carrier is made of (preferably something that can be easily cleaned), whether or not it has ventilation, and whether or not it has a storage pocket for supplies. Cost is also a consideration, although it's important to remember that quality should be the highest priority when choosing a carrier.

In general, soft-sided carriers are easier to carry than hard-sided carriers, but they may not be as sturdy. If you plan on using the carrier for air travel, be sure to choose one that is specifically designed for that purpose.

What should you carry your dog in?

There are a few things to consider when choosing what to carry your dog in. The most important factor is the size of your dog. You'll want to choose a carrier that is big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in.

If you're going to be using the carrier for short trips, such as going to the grocery store, a small or medium-sized carrier should do the trick. If you'll be using it for longer trips, such as a plane ride, you'll need a larger carrier.

Other factors you'll want to consider are whether you need a carrier that can be zipped shut or one that has mesh sides so your dog can see out. And finally, think about how easy the carrier is to carry. If you'll be carrying it for long periods of time, choose one with comfortable straps or a handle.

Should dogs be able to stand in a carrier?

There's no right or wrong answer to this question, as it ultimately depends on what the dog's personality is like and how comfortable both the dog and the owner feel with the situation.

Some people believe that it's important for dogs to be able to stand in a carrier in order to keep them comfortable, while others believe that it's more important for the dog to be able to relax without having to worry about standing.

Ultimately, it comes down to what works best for both the dog and the owner.

How long can a dog stay in a carrier?

While there is no definitive answer, as every dog is different, veterinary experts generally suggest that dogs should not be kept in pet carriers for more than four hours at a time. This is to ensure that they have enough time to move around and stretch their legs, as well as to avoid any potential health problems that can come from being confined in a small space for too long.

Of course, there may be times when it is necessary to keep your dog in a dog carrier for longer than four hours - if you are traveling on a long car journey or flight, for example. In these cases, it is important to make sure that the carrier is large enough for your dog to move around comfortably, and to provide them with lots of breaks to stretch their legs and get some exercise.

What can I use if I don't have a pet carrier?

If you don't have a pet carrier, there are a few things you can use as substitutes. A laundry basket or cardboard box may work for small animals. For larger mammals, like dogs, try using a dog crate or similar cage.

If all else fails, improvise with whatever you have on hand that your pet can fit in and feels comfortable with. Just be sure to put some padding down so they don't get injured during transport.

How do you clean a pet carrier?

There are a few ways to clean a pet carrier. If the carrier is made of plastic, you can wipe it down with a wet cloth and some soap.

For tougher stains, you can use a diluted bleach solution. If the carrier is made of fabric, you can machine-wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water and detergent.

You can also spot-clean any soiled areas with a dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent. Make sure to air dry the carrier completely before using it again.

Best Dog Carrier For You

Whether you’re looking for a soft-sided carrier for your small dog or a large pet carrier with extra features, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re on the hunt for the best hand carrier, sling or backpack, we have those recommendations too! We hope this guide has been helpful and that you find the perfect pet carrier for your needs. Go ahead and tap the button to check the latest price on Amazon. Now it’s time to get packing – happy travels!